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Your website is more than a screen full of images. At Galligan Design, we work to let your brand’s voice be heard and enhance user experience. The quality of your website says a lot about the services you offer.

Why work with us?

Our services allow you to focus on what’s most important… Growing your business and retaining happy customers. We understand you may not be an internet guru. But today; more than ever, your company needs a website.
How We Work

We are a team of marketers, designers and strategists who work strategically and creatively to stay ahead of your competition. Our websites are designed to resonate with your target market while showing casing your offerings and brand’s voice.

Offering a product for sale? We set up your online sales platform to offer customers an easy shopping experience. We walk you through the entire process from creating your store, listing items, and shipping.


What do you stand for? 

Your branding is an integral part of your.. well, brand! At Galligan Design, our team starts each branding project with in depth market research. It is critical to understand your audience and how they will connect and appreciate what you have to offer. For each service, our team provides several options and why it will connect with your audience.


Naming and Trademarking

Based on our research, we analyze and create your brand name to connect with your target audience. Once your brand’s name is identified, we advise you on how to trademark and protect your brand’s name.

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Brand Identity

In order to achieve brand identification, you must be consistent in your branding. We design guidelines for proper use of your brand in all scenarios. From logo placement, to font sizing, you name it!


Product Design

Whether you plan on selling at retail or online, your packaging will be the first impression. Our team designs your packaging to exceed your audience’s expectations.

Logo & Identity Design

Your logo and identity are the foundation of your brand and customer experience. We provide several different directions as a first round of design and work collaboritively to fine tune your final design and identity.



Our team works to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that will effectively engage your target demographic while yielding a high ROI. We work to understand your KPI’s and deliver on the proper platform with the highest engagement rate. Our services allow you to effortlessly gain new business and grow brand awareness.

Search Engine Marketing

Email Marketing & Automation


Social Media 

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Chelsea S.

Great to work with! Highly recommend! Built me a new beautiful site that I have received great feedback from my customer’s shopping experience online.

Chris M.

Organized, efficient, and professional. Working with Galligan Design put me at ease- I let the professionals handle what they are best at.

Frank R.

I worked with Galligan Design to redo my whole company design from logo, branding, website, and advertising. I saw an immediate spike in sales and customer interaction. Highly recommend.




As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the importance of being able to get your website launched even if you may not have all of your financing up front. Reach out and let’s talk more.

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